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Fic needs writ

Yes, that's horrible spelling and wording for a subject line.

I wanted to write at least one chapter of one of my fanfics before this weekend was out.  But I can't choose which one to work on...

So help me choose LJ Friends:

Alice In Wonderland

Sweeney Todd

Spaced with Fangs


I've also got a Scream one in the works too, but these guys are being neglected.  So tell me which one needs to be updated.  Help me decide!!!  AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
Sharlto Resist

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Elysium, you and Dark Shadows are my targets for this year.  I aim high and crazy fearless. 

So apparently Elysium will be filming in Vancouver.  I can do Vancouver.  We now start the process of begging and pleading with Sony to let me on the set.

I've already started groveling with the Dark Shadows people about what I want to do for that movie. 

I want these two bad.  And not for the obvious reasons like this:

<-----alien is a hottie

Or this

<-----vampire is a hottie

Although both are enough reason.  And then I can just go die somewhere grinning like a smilex victim.

But no, Elysium is more from this guy:

<----director is a hottie

And he and JJ Abrams are the new boys of sci-fi in my book.  D9 was brilliant and if Copley is as excited as he is about it and I'm this stoked and I don't even know WTF is going on in it (other than it has guns and is in the future) well hell...bring it.

So that's my shoot for the moon duo this year.  I have a passport.  I can do this.  I have no fear damn it.  Until of course by the grace of god I'm sitting across from one of these three guys and then I'll wind up vomiting, passing out, and convulsing....not in that order.
Scruffy Mutants

(no subject)

Hi Livejournal.

I've been neglecting you.  To make up for this, I share hotness.  And god almighty, look into those eyes and tell me you don't see paradise?  Also...NECK !!!!!!!!!!  CHEST !!!!!!!!!   HAIRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Repo Angst

morose mistletoe

LiveJournal is one of my last refuges.  I’m followed by family on other places and sometimes you just need a place to vent and unload when you’ve had enough.


It’s Christmas time.  But it doesn’t feel like it to me.  I’ve heard as you get older time seems to go by faster, and it seems that’s really true.  It doesn’t feel like it should be Christmas.  And while I look around and see the decorations and pretty trees etc, it feels lonely to me.  When I said that it didn’t feel like Xmas to my husband last night he got angry with me because of the things he bought me and how dare I say such a thing.  When I told him that I missed my grandfather who’s been gone for a few years now he got snide and snippy and said why did I only start mentioning him after he died. 


The truth is, you don’t realize until these people are gone what they mean.  And on top of that there was so much bad going on between me and my family when he was sick that I never knew he still wanted me around.  It was a bad situation.  But my point is this…Christmas was his holiday and in my mind he is a part of that.  But he’s gone and it doesn’t feel like it used to.


I feel very lonely this time of year.  I always have but back in the days of bows and presents and being with my family till 2am opening gifts and just being together, it wasn’t like this.  And because I’m sad or feel isolated…I get made to feel guilty because of it.  That’s not fair, and that’s not helping.


My husband hasn’t really lost someone close to him like that.  And god help us all the day it happens.  He won’t handle it well and I’ll be made to try and keep the pieces together in some fashion.  But I feel like I’ve got no one to talk to about it.  I feel lost and sad.  I’m not sure how I feel really…I just feel alone. 


This will pass like it always does and I’ll solider on and I’ll swallow my pride and take the snarky comments from my roommate and my husband.  I’ll deal with the drama that everyone creates and that I’m supposed to let go on.   It’ll all pass but I’m still going to feel sort of hollow for the next few weeks.  There’s nothing that can be done about it.

Sharlto Win

Hey LJ

So i've not been doing enough posting over here. 

Let's see:

1.  I'm never eating McDonald's burger meat ever again.  Fuck you golden arches.

2.  I've removed my vampire Hatter story because I'm going to retool and expand a bit and then submit it to an anthology to see if they'll publish it.  I've got no idea, but we'll see.  I'm proud of that story.

3.  I think the whole reason Steve Buscemi went with Boardwalk Empire is he's getting laid more in the last few episodes then his entire acting career combined.  And this makes me happy.