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Welcome to my nightmare

Lady Jessica of Geekalot

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She who must not be named
23 June 1975
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Hmm..I love horror movies, fantasy, vampires, and just a bunch of other stuff. I'm pretty much a freak. I am currently in total lust with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (there's something original huh?) But I will always love James Marsters, Robert Englund, and Jeffrey Combs (Darren McGavin and Michael Nouri's Dracula helped pave the way for the vampire and horror love). I'm what I call an extroverted introvert. Which is probably why I'm digging this Live Journal thing so much. I have a tattoo that Clive Barker was nice enough to draw on me with a marker and I ran off and had it ink'd. I cry every time I watch The Crow, Brandon Lee was an angel who's time came too soon. But if you are going to go out, you should go out with something ike that to leave behind. I believe Edgar Allen Poe was the man and I'd love to have met him. I think the brain is one of the sexiest parts of the body, followed closely by the eyes (fangs are nice too :) )

Simon Pegg is now one of my harem!! Yes yes !! Actually if I could find a way to bring his character Tim from Spaced into my reality, he would be my love slave and I'd never leave home. God he's got the cutest eyes.

I always loved Herbert West, now I know why..

Like The Re-Animator, you are a bad news. You
survive all right, but how many people did you
let die in order to make it out? You give the
term ruthless a whole new meaning. More than
likely, this whole thing was your fault from
the beginning.

The Zombie Movie Survival Quiz
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To Hell with the normies!!!

Popular interests among JessicaDwyer's friends
1. shaun of the dead (4) 11. johnny depp (2)
2. writing (2) 12. simon pegg (2)
3. good omens (2) 13. action figures (2)
4. lord of the rings (2) 14. bruce campbell (2)
5. x-men (2) 15. clive barker (2)
6. drawing (2) 16. the beatles (2)
7. punk (2) 17. douglas adams (2)
8. new york city (2) 18. psychobilly (1)
9. cartoons (2) 19. the legend of 1900 (1)
10. ska (2) 20. rancid (1)
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My most interesting friend is swankyfunk who has 18 of these interests,
followed by t0yb0x (7), novirtue (6)
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My friends are 26.19% normal.
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Wrong, wrong, and so wrong....and yet strangly itchy

If I were an STD, I'd be

Genital Herpes

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Ah...now I can have Peter Cushing AND Hayden Christensen living inside me..

Death Star!
Not really a planet, but hey, it's cool. Besides,
this is a picture of Coruscant.

Which Star Wars planet are you?
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Season 2 is the first season with James (Peroxide God) Marsters. Also, Evil (bend me over a tombstone and give me the rough love) Angel, also known as Angelus. I'm like the best season ever!

What Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Are You?

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Everybody be cool...cause you know I am. Fricking A baby!

You're Seth Gecko, you bastard.
Fun at the Titty Twister.

Which B-Movie Badass Are You?
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I'm actually a little surprised I didn't score higher than this

I'm [YOUR OBSESSION PERCENT GOES HERE] obsessed. How obsessed are you?

The Ringer Obsession Test

Gerard Butler is walking sex. I want to be his love slave, or I'll pay him...I don't mind.
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